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Want to be a Bridal Gallery Prom Ambassador?

We're looking for area school Freshman - Seniors who would like to represent the Bridal Gallery this prom season! You'll be the first to know about new arrivals, have the opportunity to model in store for social media, and be able to earn huge discounts off your prom dress!

If interested, email the following info to

  • Your full name

  • Your high school

  • The extra curricular activities you're involved in 

  • Why you want to represent the Bridal Gallery

  • A full length photo of yourself unfiltered/ unedited

  • Ambassadors will be announced on social media

The following are the terms of the program:

  • Prom Ambassadors must live within 45 minutes of the Bridal Gallery so that they can actively participate in the program. 

  • In order to participate in the program, all Prom Ambassadors must attend an initial Ambassador meeting where we will review our terms & conditions and try on some dresses.

  • Brand Loyalty - as a BG Prom Ambassador, your role is to promote the Bridal Gallery brand & encourage your peers to shop with us. It is strongly encouraged that Ambassadors wear a Bridal Gallery Prom dress to their own prom. It is important that Bridal Gallery is the only company of its kind that you are promoting & that you would refrain from encouraging girls to shop at any other competitor - local or online. 

  • You'll be given a unique referral card that you can share. When a friend shows us this card when purchasing her prom dress, she will get a pair of free earring and you'll get $10 off your dress! Each additional friend that shows us your referral card will earn you an additional $10 off. You will be given 5 cards to start. More cards will be given determined by social media content (1 hour of in store social media content = 1 extra business card)

  • The referral cards must be shown at the time of purchase. Each purchasing customer may only present ONE referral card. All referral cards must be presented by 3/28/25 (or your prom date) to qualify for any promotion towards your dress and/or customer discount. 

  • You may pick out your dress at any time and place it on layaway with a 60% deposit or special order with a 60% deposit. As with all our purchases, all sales are final and your deposit cannot be transferred to another dress. After 3/28/25 (or your prom date), all your referral discounts will be subtracted from your balance and you must pay the remainder of the gown and take it out of the store. 

  • As a Bridal Gallery Prom Ambassador, you'll be notified first about new arrivals and invited to model for social media photos/content. All modeling must be scheduled with the Prom Manager ahead of time. It is expected that Prom Ambassadors are able to model new dresses no less than once per month, during business hours. When coming in for modeling photos, Ambassadors are expected to come showered (not post-sporting event), with heels, and with hair & makeup done "Prom Ready".

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